Home Remodeling Industry Buying Trends

From 6/30/15 Webinar Given by Google Representative for the Home Remodeling Industry…



♦ 90% of consumers perform research on the internet prior  to making home remodeling purchases

Remodeling Industry

♦ Google finds that consumers choose Quality over Cost whenever possible

♦ 80% of consumers use more than one device in their research

♦ Popularity of devices used:

 #1 Computers – 80%

 #2 Mobile Phones – 35%     (not 100% as respondents are reporting

 #3 Tablets – 27%                 use of devices multiple times)

♦ 59% of remodeling purchases are for purpose of Updating/Upgrading

♦ 47% of consumers say online reviews are important in their decision-making

♦ Google’s research on size of U.S. Remodeling market in 2015:  $330 Billion (growth due to pent-up demand/improving economy – this mirrors other estimates by Industry experts)

♦ The typical decision-making time frame for Window and Door shoppers once they are ready to make remodeling decisions*:

           1 week:         26% of consumers

           1-2 weeks:    25% of consumers

           2-4 weeks:    31% of consumers

           1+ months:   18% of consumers

*Note: Recent Houzz and Home Survey of 250,000 respondents indicate consumers typically take 6 months to make a final decision, which includes online research time.  (Houzz.com)