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Whether you're keeping an eye on the kids outside, cozying up underneath a bright bay window to read a book, or sliding open your double hung windows on a spring day: Whatever purpose your windows serve, we can make it happen. Earthwise windows and doors are made for functionality and style, and we’ll make your vision come to life.

Windows and doors are something you live with every day. With so many options, you want to make the right choice. That’s why Earthwise windows are made with you in mind. Engineered for your environment with premium vinyl material, superior weather-stripping, and ultimate energy efficiency – you won’t be disappointed. 

The #1 Choice for Home Window Replacement

Here's why Earthwise is The Wise Choice™ for your home:


With frames welded for maximum strength and made to be airtight and watertight, you can rest assured knowing that your windows will stand the test of time.

Energy Efficiency

Premium weather-stripping, insulated glass, and advanced vinyl technology help you stay energy efficient, ultimately reducing your energy bills.


Our windows are designed to last a lifetime so that they won’t need replacement due to age.

Maintenance Free

Vinyl window frames won’t crack, chip, or warp. Made with our advanced composite material to resist UV rays and harsh weather, they won’t fade either.


All Earthwise windows are made with vinyl, a 100% recyclable material. Our windows also reduce your carbon footprint with their unmatched energy efficiency.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer one of the best warranties in the industry, because the best windows on the market should be backed by the best coverage.

Our Windows

We make it easy to transform your space with Earthwise windows and doors.

We’re sure to have something that suits your needs and style. Backed by our Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, you can trust that you made The Wise Choice™.

Earthwise Windows Single-Hung Window Illustration

Single-Hung Windows

No-frills, functional, and traditional. Our single-hung windows feature a fixed top panel with a bottom-opening sash.

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Earthwise Window Manufacturer - Double-Hung Window

Double-Hung Windows

Easily the most popular choice for American homes, double-hung windows have two movable sashes, allowing them to open from the top or the bottom, making them more versatile.

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Earthwise Window Manufacturer - Single Sliding Window Illustration

Single Sliding Windows

Designed for easy use, these windows open from one side to another by sliding one sash toward the center of the window.

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Earthwise Windows Double Sliding Window Illustration

Double Sliding Windows

Offering more ventilation than our single sliding windows, double sliding windows open by sliding either sash toward the center. 

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Earthwise Window Manufacturer - Casement Window Illustration

Casement & Awning Windows

The best option for those who desire versatility – casement and awning windows are hinged and open outward. This allows for maximum ventilation when open and unobstructed views when closed.

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Our Products - Earthwise Bay Window Illustration

Bay & Bow Windows

Give your home more dimension and beautiful natural light with bay and bow windows. These multi-window configurations extend outward from your home and are some of the most exquisite designs you can choose from.

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Earthwise Window Manufacturer - Fixed Window Illustration

Picture Windows

Enjoy the view with our fixed windows, also known as “picture” windows. These windows don’t open, allowing for unobstructed visibility and security. They’re customizable to different shapes and sizes, making the design possibilities endless.

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Earthwise Windows Patio Door Illustration

Patio Doors

Energy efficient, easy to use, light-maximizing, and more secure – Earthwise patio doors bring the same high quality as our windows. Choose from a selection of colors and grid patterns that suit your home best.

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Windows You Can Count On

Put your trust in us. We have the certifications to prove it.

The Responsible Choice

Earthwise windows & doors are engineered specifically for your local climate and are made close to home with sustainable materials. We’re the first window manufacturer to be Made in the USA certified.

The Dependable Choice

Our products feature a national warranty backed by all our manufacturers and multiple third-party certifications.

The Sustainable Choice

We meet the highest energy standards in the industry, including those set by ENERGY STAR, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and The American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA).


Here's what our customers are saying about Earthwise Windows!

Elizabeth LaFortune


"Earthwise Windows was responsive to my inquiries, and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. They were punctual and competent. Their employees, from sales to installation, were all highly professional. I never felt like less of a customer because I had a smaller order, or because I wasn’t a contractor. I will definitely work with Earthwise again in the future."

Madelon Wilson


"Replaced our windows and couldn't be happier. The quality is amazing and the service was excellent.
From beginning to end a great experience. Earthwise Windows is a group of quality people providing a quality service."

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