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Picture Windows

Fixed windows, also known as “picture” windows, allow you to enjoy the view. These windows don’t open, allowing for unobstructed visibility and security.

Customizable shapes and sizes make the design possibilities endless for picture windows in your home.

  • Use As a Main Feature or an Accent

    Create grand floor-to-ceiling viewing areas, or use them for a small transom above a door – these windows can do it all. Picture windows can be cut in any shape or size, making them a striking statement or accent piece.

  • Unobstructed Light and Security

    With no ability to open, picture windows are perfect for viewing the outdoors. They’re also one of the most secure window types for the same reason.

  • Extremely Efficient

    Because picture windows aren’t operable, there’s virtually no chance for air leaks, making an already-efficient Earthwise window save you even more energy. 

Uses for picture windows in your home

Picture windows boast a lot of versatility, making them a tasteful addition to any space. Use them in a sitting room for the ability to gaze outside, or as an accent window to add character to your home. Picture windows can go great in any area where airflow is not a priority. 

It’s important to note that fixed or picture windows are not to be used throughout the entire home, due to residential building codes and safety risks.

Earthwise Windows fixed windows exterior

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Picture Window Frequently Asked Questions:

Picture windows outlast every other type of window, due to no moving parts and being inoperable. Vinyl window frames, which Earthwise manufactures, are known to last longer than other materials.

Picture windows are typically the most cost-effective choice because they have no moving parts and no way to open them.  This reduces material costs and saves money over time due to their high efficiency.

Picture windows cannot be opened. Their name suggests that they “frame” the outside view, and don’t have much functionality beyond that. Other options are available for windows that can be opened and provide ventilation.

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