Earthwise Windows single sliding window

Single Sliding Windows

Enhance your architectural style and enjoy easy use. Single sliding windows open horizontally by sliding one sash toward the center of the window.

  • Customize which sash is operable

    Like all other Earthwise windows, these are custom-made for your needs. You can choose if the left or right sash is operable, based on your preference.

  • Effortless opening

    No need to worry about this window getting stuck, our high-quality rollers make opening this window a breeze.

  • Structural stability

    A fixed meeting rail in the center adds structural stability to our already-durable windows.

Uses for single sliding windows in your home

Sliding windows are popularly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. This works perfectly for any room that has more horizontal space than vertical. In addition, they’re an excellent option for hard-to-reach areas, allowing you to slide them open where height is an issue, unlike more vertical-oriented window types.

Earthwise Windows sliding windows in kitchen

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Single Sliding Window Frequently Asked Questions:

A single sliding window has one movable sash that slides horizontally toward a fixed panel on the right or left side. A double sliding window has two movable sashes, which can open from either side.

Both double-hung and single-hung windows open vertically. Slider windows, both double and single, open horizontally and are optimized for spaces with less height. Both window types are effective in taking up minimal space.

Single sliding windows give optimum visibility on one side, and ventilation on the other. Double sliding windows allow more ventilation possibilities due to both sashes being operable. Determining which is best is based on personal preference.

"Earthwise installed 5 new picture windows for us and we are very happy with them, and with the entire Earthwise team. Excellent products and service from beginning to end. Highly recommend!"

- Vaughn Burkholder