Single-Hung Windows at Earthwise Windows

Single-Hung Windows

No-frills, functional, and traditional – our single-hung windows will never go out of style.

This simple design is classic, affordable, and gives a sleek look to any room:

  • Fixed Top Panel with Bottom Opening Sash
    With a fixed top panel and a bottom sash that slides to open, you can enjoy the combination of ventilation and visibility.
  • Fixed Meeting Rail
    This provides extra structural support to Earthwise’s already strong and durable windows.
  • Energy Efficient All Around
    Our insulated glass systems, vinyl technology, and premium weatherstripping can help lower your energy costs.
  • Energy Efficient All Around
    With fewer moving parts and custom-built to fit perfectly, you’ll have your new windows installed in no time.

Uses for single-hung windows in your home

Both single and double-hung windows are the most popular window type for the home, most likely because of their common use. Their classic design pairs well with any style.

Generally speaking, single and double-hung windows can be placed in any area of your home where you want to increase ventilation. Since they don’t protrude outward, they will not obstruct anything on either side. These windows work especially well where ample vertical space is available.

How to Use Single-Hung Windows built by Earthwise

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl frames are superior to other window frames due to their durability, sustainability, and ability to last a lifetime. See why there’s no better choice than Earthwise Windows.

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Our Certifications

Earthwise Windows is committed to producing the highest quality energy-efficient windows on the market. See all our independent, third-party certifications that prove we meet the highest standards.

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Lifetime Warranty

With the best warranty in the industry, we stand behind the lifetime performance of our windows and doors.

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Single-Hung Window Frequently Asked Questions:

A single-hung window has a fixed top panel of glass and a bottom sash for opening. The double-hung window has no fixed panels, meaning both the top and bottom sashes can be opened. 

Some single-hung windows feature tilt-in sashes for the bottom panel, allowing for the ability to clean both sides of the glass. The top fixed panel does not move, so cleaning the outer surface must be done externally or by reach.

Due to needing fewer parts than other windows, single-hung windows are easy to install and are more affordable. Single-hung windows may also offer more protection against air leaks because of their fixed top pane.

"Amazing company, awesome product, incredibly pleasant experience in our home improvement project. Jim White and his staff were fa-nominal to work with and we are very happy with the service, the results and the fair pricing they gave us. I highly recommend Earthwise to anyone looking for quality affordable windows."

- Tim Cooley