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Offer your customers windows that sell themselves.

When your customers are happy, so are you. Superior service and products that outperform others are nearly a guarantee for customer satisfaction, and Earthwise Windows provides both. If you’re sick of dealing with unreliable manufacturers, windows that generate more complaints than compliments, and frustrating installations, look no further. 

Our products are designed with homeowners in mind. With windows and doors built for your local climate, you can offer your customers something that no one else can, making you stand out from the competitors. Our products are tried and true - we have multiple third-party, independent certifications proving we exceed the highest energy efficiency and quality standards. When you sell Earthwise Windows, you’re selling the best there is. 

Let us do the work for you. We produce top-notch vinyl windows and patio doors for replacement, remodeling, and new construction use that are guaranteed to bring customer satisfaction. But it doesn’t stop there - Earthwise Windows can generate free leads for you, back you up with our nationally-honored manufacturer’s warranty, and more. 

The #1 Choice
for Window Dealers & Contractors

There are so many reasons why Earthwise is The Wise Choice™ for your business:

Windows That Sell Themselves

The affordability, energy efficiency, and beautiful look of Earthwise windows and doors make them hard to beat.

Their unmatched quality is what makes them stand out, and the benefits they provide your customers will make selling them effortless. 

Homeowners with Earthwise windows save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars a year when they switch to our energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows. Our windows' superior proprietary vinyl material has surpassed the efficiency of other window types, like vinyl or wood. Earthwise Windows is proud to have earned ENERGY STAR Manufacturing Partner status, proving we meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

Along with their efficiency, Earthwise windows and doors are low maintenance, durable, and built to last a lifetime. Our vinyl compound resists UV rays' effects while maintaining excellent thermal performance. Strong, welded sashes with airtight and watertight seals prevent any leaks from air or water coming in, and are flame-resistant and self-extinguishing. 

Earthwise Windows Picture Window
Earthwise Windows Bronze Frame
Our finishes won’t crack, warp, or chip.

Unlike wood frames, your customers won’t worry about them rotting or needing repainting every few years. Available in a massive selection of styles, colors, and finishes, your customers will have no limit to their creative choices.

Earthwise Windows aligns with the three principles of Universal Design, which make them accessible for those with disabilities, impairments, or limited physical capabilities. This makes them suitable for any home because they’re designed to be functional for everyone. In addition, our windows are custom-built to fit perfectly, giving you an easy installation and no disturbance to any siding, trim, or frames. 

Make The Wise Choice™ for your customers, and give them the confidence that comes with a lifetime of worry-free performance, only with Earthwise Windows. 


"Earthwise is a reputable, local company that manufactures its own windows on site. Because of this ability, they are able to get products for your project out faster than larger commercial companies that manufacture off site. And because the employees are building the windows, you know they will stand behind their work and not take shortcuts just to make a buck!"

- Erin Parrett


"We live in a historic house built in 1910. Owning a 110 year old home is a labor of love! The wonderful team of people at Earthwise exceeded our expectations and we tend to be picky when it comes to our home. We do not miss the old, drafty, and sweaty windows or outrageous utility bills we used to have. If only we could give you more stars!"

- Amy Powell


"Earthwise is amazing! What I love about this company is that they fabricate their own windows locally, providing customers with the ability to get custom made orders sooner. The owner is absolutely amazing, he really cares about his customers. Best of all, they offer free informative quotes."

- Angel's Foundation Repair

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