DIY Decor Ideas To Repurpose Old Wooden Windows

Closed old wooden window

Are you thinking about getting your old wooden windows replaced and hate to see them go to waste? They might not have to!


Wooden windows provide a classic look, but they don’t last forever. Because they’re made of a natural material, they’re prone to rot and mold growth when exposed to moisture. And, over time, they lose energy efficiency. 


Suppose it’s time for you to say goodbye to your wooden windows and replace them with a more energy-efficient option. In that case, you can still incorporate their classic look into your home, especially if you’re a fan of rustic, shabby-chic, or farmhouse decorating styles. In this blog, we’ll give you creative inspiration for ways to DIY your decor your old windows.

Chicken Wire Message Board

We’re starting off the list with a relatively easy DIY project. This message board can contain whatever you want: notes, pictures, or calendars. With some chicken wire, mini clothespins, and an old window, you can make this a decorative or organizational tool for your home!

Photo Source: Under A Texas Sky



If your windows still have glass panes, this is the perfect project for you. If there are multiple panes, you can make this chalkboard whatever you want, including a large-scale calendar. 

Photo Source: Thistlewood Farms



Vintage Window Display

If you’re not the most crafty person, don’t worry. With this decor idea, you don’t have to do much. Simply display your old windows in a way that flows with the design of your home. You can place them on mantles or walls and add wreaths, jars, or artificial plants to hang from them for added flair. Sometimes, simple is best!

Photo Source: My 100 Year Old Home


Medicine or Display Cabinet

If you’re especially handy, you can make a fantastic piece that will stick out in your home. You can make your own display cabinet or medicine cabinet using an old window frame with glass attached. This unique piece will surely add character to the room! 

Photo Source: Shiplap and Shells


Photo Frame

Vintage windows make great photo frames or display frames. This simple DIY project requires very little time and materials, yet stands out compared to regular window frames. 

Photo Source: Cottage Instincts


DIY Jewelry Stand

Much like the chicken wire message board, this project is fairly simple. With some windows without glass and mesh wiring, you can create a functional jewelry stand that looks rustic and stylish. 

Photo Source: Oak Ridge Revival


Painted Window Art

This last DIY project is for those of you who are especially crafty. And the best part about it? It’s completely customizable! You can paint scenery on your glass window panes or an inspirational quote - whatever speaks to you. This project can be as easy or as complicated as you’d like!

Photo Source: Right Up My Alley Design

Out With The Old, In With The New

You don’t have to disregard your wooden windows because they aren’t completely functional. It’s great to invest in new, energy-efficient windows that will keep your home comfortable year-round, and you can still incorporate the look and feel of your wooden windows by repurposing them. We hope to have inspired you with some of these ideas!

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