Think Outside of the Box With These 5 Unique Window Shapes

The glass circle window for to see view outside the house with white flower grass near it and sunlight to shine in.

Are you building or renovating a home? Perhaps you’re going for a look that is distinct from your average home. One of the best ways to help your new build (or rebuild) stand out from cookie-cutter homes is by adding windows that are different from the rest. 

Windows are the focal point of any home, which makes them a make-or-break factor in the overall look. You can get creative with the wide variety of shapes and sizes on the market, allowing your home to stand out from the rest. 

In this blog post, we’ll be giving you some inspiration for some uncommon window types that can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal, value, and overall aesthetic. 

Arched Windows

Arched windows are usually configured by having a functional, regular-shaped window on the bottom, and a semi-circle placement window on top. Arch-shaped windows give a timeless and distinguished look to any home, and they can spruce up any room. Their shape gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, and they allow more light to filter in. Both of these factors create a bigger feel for the room. Plus, these windows greatly boost your home’s curb appeal!

Circular Windows

Circle windows are perhaps the rarest window shape of all, due to the detail needed for their installation. However, the work that goes into them pays off! Their shape makes them an artistic focal point, turning a mundane space into a conversation starter. They can be incorporated into any style of home due to their architectural diversity, from traditional to contemporary.

Skylight Windows

Modern retro design in a attic / loft. Small vintage table with a radio on and two reading chairs under two skylights.

While these windows aren’t technically defined by their shape, their placement is what makes them unique. Installing a skylight has so many benefits for your home. For one, they’re a great source of sunlight and brighten any room. But their benefits aren’t just limited to daytime hours, on clear nights they provide ample moonlight - the ideal night light.

Triangle or Trapezoidal Windows

Triangular or trapezoidal windows undeniably make the best use of your home’s space. These windows are perfect for A-frame houses or for rooms at the top of the home. Consider using them in hard-to-utilize areas, such as under eaves or along sloped ceilings. Their ability to fit into unconventional spaces allows you to reclaim unused areas and transform them into functional, well-lit nooks.

Octagonal Windows

Small and simple, these windows are a great way to fill a room with some natural light, while still being a unique focal point. Much like other specialized window shapes, octagon windows can contribute to energy efficiency. Properly positioned, they allow natural light to flow into your interiors, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, in areas where it might be needed. This not only minimizes energy consumption but also provides a geometric focal point.

Which One Fits Best With Your Home?

In the journey of building or renovating a home, it's the distinctive touches that elevate a space from the ordinary to the extraordinary. By exploring and embracing these uncommon window types, you can enhance your curb appeal and home value, and most importantly, create a space you like being in.

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