Improve the Security of Your Home Windows

Your home is your sanctuary, and ensuring its security should be a top priority. While doors often take center stage when we think of home security, your windows are equally important. In fact, according to ADT, 23% of home intrusions are accessed by first-floor windows. So, it is imperative that your home windows are as safe as possible. 


In this blog post, we'll explore how to enhance the security of your home windows to protect your loved ones and valuables from potential threats.

Common Threats to Home Window Security

Break-ins and Burglaries: Intruders often target windows as an entry point into homes. Weak or unlocked windows can make it easier for them to gain access.


Accidents and Hazards: Accidental window breakage can lead to injuries or property damage. Reinforcing your windows can minimize these risks.


Extreme Weather Conditions: Severe weather events, such as storms and hurricanes, can cause window damage or even shatter them. Properly secured windows are essential for weatherproofing your home.


Privacy Concerns: Maintaining your privacy is crucial. Unsecured windows can inadvertently expose your home to prying eyes.

Assessing Your Current Window Security

Before you start improving your window security, it's essential to assess the current state of your windows:

Inspecting the Condition: Check for damaged frames, cracked glass, or loose locks. Address any issues promptly.

Identifying Vulnerabilities: Determine weak points, such as basement windows or windows with old, flimsy frames.

Evaluating Local Risks: Consider your neighborhood's safety level and any recent security incidents in your area.

Tips for Improving Window Security

Reinforcing Window Frames and Locks

  • Upgrade to New Window Frames: Window frames can rot or crack over time. New window frames will fortify your home’s security. 
  • Install Window Security Film: Apply a security film to the glass, making it harder to break. This special film prevents windows from shattering from their frame. To ensure your security film is most effective, have it installed by a professional window film company.
  • Add Window Locks and Latches: If your existing locks are broken or aren’t functioning properly, replace them as soon as possible. You can also install additional ones to prevent forced entry.

Enhancing Glass Security

  • Use Laminated Glass or Tempered Glass: Laminated glass is also known as ‘safety glass,’ one of the reasons being that it is harder to break. In the same way, tempered glass can be up to four times stronger than regular, annealed glass. 
  • Install Security Bars or Grilles: Adding bars or grilles to the window can deter intruders, especially if your windows are on ground level. These are most utilized in city homes, where homes have busy sidewalks outside.

Implementing Smart Technology

  • Use Window Sensors and Alarms: A part of your home security system, these devices alert you when a window is opened or tampered with.
  • Integrate Window Security with Home Automation: Control and monitor your home’s security remotely, including your windows. These systems allow you to lock your windows and doors from virtually anywhere. 

Landscaping and Lighting Considerations

  • Properly Placed Outdoor Lighting: Well-lit areas around windows can discourage intruders.
  • Pruning Vegetation for Visibility: Trim bushes and trees near windows to eliminate hiding spots.


Enhancing the security of your home windows is an investment in your family's safety and your peace of mind. Take action today to secure your home windows and protect what matters most.

Upgrading your home’s windows is one way to improve your window security. Earthwise Windows manufactures some of the most durable vinyl windows on the market. Plus, our regional manufacturing locations around the country allow us to build windows designed to perform optimally in your climate. To learn more, contact us today.

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