Upgrading Your Windows in the Winter: What You Need to Know

Wood shingled home in snow with warm lights illuminating windows

People usually put off upgrading their windows due to the upfront cost. Unfortunately, you typically feel the effects of old windows the most in winter, when those cold drafts start to seep into your home, driving up your heating costs. 


To some, winter may seem an inconvenient time to get windows replaced. However, it’s better in the long term to replace your windows sooner rather than later. 


So, if you need new windows this time of year, don’t fret - because in this blog post, we’ll go over what to expect when getting your windows replaced in the winter.

You Might Benefit From Getting Windows Installed Now

Most of the time, windows can be replaced at any time of year. Many window companies have their busiest time of year during the spring, summer, and fall when temperatures are milder. Getting your windows installed in the winter may give you a faster turnaround time and possibly even a lower price. With more flexible installation dates and off-season pricing, wintertime might unexpectedly be a great time to get windows replaced. 

Expect Immediate Relief

Those cold drafts? Rising heating costs? Say goodbye to them! One of the tremendous benefits of installing windows in winter is the difference between night and day. Your home’s energy efficiency will improve, allowing heat to stay inside better, which keeps you warm. Plus, your wallet will thank you. Instead of going through winter with problematic windows, your home will have better temperature regulation, keeping your utility bills low. 

It Won’t Be As Frigid As You Think

When considering a winter window installation, many homeowners worry about the cold air making their home uncomfortable during installation. As one of the top vinyl window companies in the USA, we know a thing or two about window installations. A reputable window installer will ensure your home loses as little heat as possible. Window companies use techniques such as installing one window at a time, closing inside doors, using plastic wrap, and more to keep your home comfortable. With a fast and efficient installation, your home will lose the least heat possible.

Don’t Write Off Getting Windows Installed in the Winter

Maybe you’ve been needing new windows and put them off until now, but don’t let that discourage you. In fact, getting new windows in the winter might work in your favor. Reach out to your local window installation company and see what they have to offer!


If you’re looking for a trusted window company, look no further than Earthwise Windows. We have a national network of local manufacturers all around the contiguous United States, producing and installing some of the highest quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows. 

Earthwise Windows are made for your local climate, designed to perform and offer the optimal energy efficiency for the area you live in - something no other window manufacturer can offer. To learn more about Earthwise Windows, you can explore our website or get in touch with an Earthwise specialist directly.

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