5 Reasons Your Home is Losing Heat

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As the colder months approach, your home should be a cozy haven where you can warm up with friends and family. However, have you noticed that your home still feels chilly despite cranking up the thermostat? You’re not alone.


Unfortunately, there are many sneaky ways heat can escape from your home. This leaves you uncomfortably cold and paying more than you should for your energy bills. 


In this blog post, we’ll review five sneaky ways heat escapes your home and how to fix it. Keep reading, and we will break it down in simple terms so you can take steps to keep your home warm and snug all winter long.

Reason #1: Your windows or doors are the problem.

Perhaps this one is the most obvious, which is why it is reason number one. But a lot of the time, compromised spots in your windows and doors can be not-so-obvious. Cold drafts can sneak in through cracks in the windows, and you may never know. Here are some things to look out for: 

  • Poorly insulated windows. To combat this, opt for double or triple-pane windows to keep more air in.
  • Do a visual inspection for small cracks in any class or frame material. This can be solved with a quick fix like a sealant or tape. 
  • Feel around your windows and doors to see if you feel any drafts. If so, you could apply extra caulking and weatherstripping to improve the problem. 

Cold air will find its way to sneak in through any cracks in your windows, so inspecting thoroughly is crucial. If this is the source of your heat loss, the best long-term solution would be to replace your windows with new, energy-efficient ones from a trusted manufacturer.

Reason #2: Your air filter or dirty vents prevent airflow and restrict heat in your house.

When was the last time you changed your home’s air filter? HVAC professionals recommend once every three months to keep your air clean and flowing correctly. When they’re dirty with dust and debris, they block more air from flowing. This is an easy and affordable fix: Simply replace your air filter!


If this doesn’t fix the problem, you might need to look into having a professional duct cleaning service look at your home’s vent system. If there is a substantial buildup in your air ducts, this restricts airflow, causing you to lose heat. Getting them cleaned will help heat travel more efficiently.

Reason #3: Your curtains are the culprit.

Out of all the reasons homes lose heat, this is the most shocking one on our list. You would think having a layer of fabric between the room and the coldest surface (a window) would provide some insulation. In theory, this is correct, but not always the case. 


You may create a cold draft for your home if you have regular curtains on a curtain rod. Here’s how: Warm air rises and falls into the space between the curtains and the windows. As it continues to fall, this warm air is cooled down as it meets the cold surface of the window, and gets pushed out of the bottom of the curtains, like a fan. This cool air then flows through your home. 


The fix? Get curtains with as much coverage as possible, especially the top. Think of valences that extend over the top of the window frame to prevent that warm air from going in. And, make sure they cover the floor as an extra method to control airflow. 

Reason #4: Your basement is losing heat.

According to multiple sources, 20% of your home’s heat loss is through your basement walls. This is the case primarily for unfinished basements due to little insulation. For a cheap fix, you could insulate with blankets and padding to keep heat in. Consider remodeling and finishing your basement for a more permanent solution and a way to upgrade your space. 

Reason #5: Bad home insulation isn’t keeping the warm air in. 

Over time, your insulation loses effectiveness and may need to be replaced. Unfortunately, there’s no quick and easy fix to getting new insulation. However, this doesn’t need to be an extensive home renovation; when you hire a professional, they can easily take care of it. 

Keep Your Heat Up and Your Energy Bills Down

In the cold winter months, keeping your home’s heat inside is essential for staying warm and cozy and not overspending on your heating costs. We hope these reasons your home may be losing heat bring you to the solution you need!


If windows and doors seem to be your main culprit, Earthwise Windows has you covered. We manufacture some of the most energy-efficient windows for your specific climate, something no other window manufacturer can offer. To find out more, get in touch with an Earthwise specialist today. 

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