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Earthwise Windows of Fort Wayne, Indiana, doesn't have a universal approach when it comes to making windows. In fact, we produce windows for your home, here in Indiana, designed for our climate. Unlike other window companies, we believe you deserve high-performance windows and doors that work the best for you.

Subzero winters, humid summers, and wild winds: Our solid and energy-efficient windows are optimized to work in the ever-changing weather conditions of Indiana and the Midwest region. 

Transform your space with our affordable premium vinyl windows that suit any style, all with unmatched energy efficiency and a lifetime of maintenance-free performance.

Feel the Difference Made By Earthwise Windows

You can save hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars a year by switching to Earthwise windows. As an ENERGY STAR certified manufacturing partner, we exceed the highest energy efficiency standards. Our proprietary vinyl compound features an advanced material formulated to withstand the effects of harsh weather and UV rays, so no need to worry about your frames fading or being easily damaged. Earthwise windows and patio doors are made to last a lifetime.


Earthwise Windows of Kansas City, Missouri

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl frames are superior to other window frames due to their durability, sustainability, and ability to last a lifetime. See why there’s no better choice than Earthwise Windows.

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Our Certifications

Earthwise Windows is committed to producing the highest quality energy-efficient windows on the market. See all our independent, third-party certifications that prove we meet the highest standards.

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Lifetime Warranty

With the best warranty in the industry, we stand behind the lifetime performance of our windows and doors.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Vinyl casement windows are the best option for Midwest homes due to the midwest’s weather patterns of high winds, bitter winters, and humid summers. The vinyl frame is durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The casement technology provides a sealed, secure closing, ideal for high winds and energy efficiency in hot and cold temperatures.

Double-hung windows are the most popular window type, and they look great in any home. Earthwise vinyl double-hung windows feature two movable sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning.

Vinyl windows last the longest due to their resistance to impact and moisture. They won’t rot, chip, or crack and are durable against harsh weather conditions.


"I just recently finished building a home and I can 100% say I made the right decision choosing Earthwise for all of my windows and patio door. The patio door slides so easily and the casement windows operate extremely smoothly. I will definitely be choosing Earthwise Windows for any future renovations and recommending my friends to check them out when they are in the market for new windows and doors!"

- Ryan Kirby


"We love our new Earthwise casement windows! Our old windows were rotting out, the outside seals were falling out, and some of the argon seals were broken. We are so glad that we decided to replace them with these lifetime guaranteed windows. They look beautiful and give our house a nice facelift. I love the contrast of color with the mocha wrapping. They are super functional too. The window cranks fold in so you don’t ever get caught or hit your hip on a pesky window crank. The locks work really smoothly. I’m anxious to see how the upgraded material will impact our heating and cooling bills. We’ve already noticed a temperature difference in the front room that would get very cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. We are going to replace our patio door next!"

- Stacey Huneck


"Purchased my windows from them over two years ago. They made a dramatic difference in my energy bills, plus reduced the noise from outside. I bought the ones with grids which added a lot of curb appeal to my house. Thank you Earthwise."

- Bill Parrish

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