Earthwise Group Adds Three More Manufacturers

Earthwise Windows adds 3 more manufacturers

The Earthwise Group saw significant expansion this past year. This national alliance added three new window and door fabricators in the western United States in 2017.

The Group builds Earthwise vinyl windows and patio doors for residential, remodeling, and new construction applications. Earthwise products are the only windows and doors specifically engineered for optimum performance in their customers’ local climate. With facilities from coast-to-coast, the Group now produces over 1 million units annually.

Synergy Windows and Doors joined the Earthwise Group in 2017. The company is located in North Texas and services dealers in Texas and Oklahoma. According to President, Gary Taylor, “Synergy Windows and Doors is a new company, but not a start-up company by any means. We began our business with a large sales force and solid customer base. And when we joined the Earthwise Group, we saw additional sales opportunities almost immediately.”

Energy Shield Windows and Doors in Phoenix, Arizona joined the Earthwise Group because of the unique set of Member advantages. According to Ennis Rushton, President, “This alliance of U.S. window and door fabricators provides us with an exceptional knowledge base. The group regularly shares best practices, promotes continuous improvement, sustainability measures and more.”

Dasan Windows and Doors, another manufacturer to recently join the Group, is located in Lake Elsinore, California. They build Earthwise windows and patio doors for the residential replacement market in the region. In addition to their customization capabilities, Dasan offers an in-stock program for their most common sizes, configurations, and colors.

The Earthwise Group has numerous third-party certifications. They were the first in their industry to be Made in USA Certified®. The Group has also earned ENERGY STAR® Manufacturing Partner status.

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