Good News: Vinyl Products Satisfaction is Up

Earthwise Windows vinyl products satisfaction is up 20%

There is good news for vinyl products, such as Earthwise windows and doors. Satisfaction among vinyl recommending sources is up! A recent survey of architects, interior designers and construction and facility managers shows satisfaction with vinyl products is at its highest level in over a decade. In fact, 96% of those surveyed use or specify some type of vinyl product.

The top reasons why professionals like vinyl are the same reasons that have made Earthwise windows so popular. These are:

  • Easy to maintain and clean     
  • Meet’s clients’ needs
  • Durability
  • Life cycle cost

These are just some of the factors for the dramatic increase in the specification of vinyl windows and patio doors. Vinyl windows now comprise approximately 70% of all the residential windows used in the U.S. Vinyl windows and doors are also the most energy-efficient option available. In addition, vinyl window products are maintenance free. And with such a long life cycle, Earthwise Windows & Doors can provide a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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