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Sustainability is our capacity to endure by sustaining healthy ecosystems and the environment.

We can all be more responsible by reducing our carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint measures the carbon dioxide emissions caused by your everyday activities and includes such things as driving your car and the energy you use at home.

For all of us, home energy use accounts for about one‐quarter of our total carbon footprint. But you can conserve home energy significantly by installing energy‐efficient Earthwise products in your home.

Earthwise windows and doors protect us from the outside world…and they also protect our environment from the effects of excessive and irresponsible energy consumption.

Vinyl is the environmentally-responsible choice

Did you know one of the main substances used to produce vinyl is derived from salt, an abundant, naturally-occurring mineral? And did you know that vinyl is 100% recyclable? It can be reclaimed and reused in a multitude of manufacturing processes.

Consider the environmental consequences of wood window construction. Trees are cut down to produce the window frames. Wood needs to be sealed, stained or painted. Eventually, the harmful chemicals contained in sealants, stains and paints make their way into the waste stream. And because wood windows will eventually need to be replaced, the whole process will start over again.

Vinyl is the ideal frame material for windows and patio doors—it’s virtually maintenance free and will last a lifetime. And only vinyl allows frame corners to be welded for maximum strength and an airtight and waterproof seal. All this helps you reduce energy use and conserve home energy.

For so many reasons, vinyl is the ideal choice for your windows and patio doors.

Best Vinyl Window Manufacturer Near Me

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