The Earthwise Group is proud to have earned ENERGY STAR Manufacturing Partner status.

Our windows and doors are engineered and built to meet and exceed even the strictest requirements for ENERGY STAR windows and doors. What does the ENERGY STAR windows certification mean? It means savings in both energy costs and environmental costs. By using ENERGY STAR certified Earthwise windows and doors, homeowners can experience:

  • Savings on energy bills, from several hundred—up to thousands—of dollars per year
  • Lower levels of CO2 released into the atmosphere

Custom made for your local climate

The cold temperatures of a Northeast winter require different materials and construction than windows built for a hot Florida summer. And hurricane or tornado-prone areas need windows built with impact resistance. With our regional manufacturing philosophy, only Earthwise windows and patio doors are custom built to deliver energy efficiency and optimum long-term performance in your local climate.

All Earthwise vinyl doors and windows are made with our proprietary vinyl framing material, an advanced, environmentally-safe compound formulated to withstand the harsh effects of weather and ultraviolet light. Our vinyl products are efficient to produce and are 100% recyclable.

Our windows and doors are built with the most thermally-efficient glass packages available today. Earthwise products are available with argon or krypton gas filling, Warm Edge® insulating spacers and low-E glass. This high-performance glass reflects radiant heat back into your home in the winter and keeps harmful UV rays away from your home in the summer.

You can count on Earthwise windows and patio doors to deliver optimum performance for your local climate…for years to come.