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Casement windows with yard view Earthwise Windows

Why Casement Windows Are the Best

So, you’re choosing new or replacement windows for your home. Perhaps you’ve never even noticed that there’s more than one type of window, and now you’re flustered and overwhelmed with the choices. There are single and double-hung, fixed, bay and bow, and the list goes on. But don’t be dismayed, because our window experts have…

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Little boy looking out of Earthwise vinyl windows

National Window Safety Week: 3 Tips To Keep Kids Safe

Every year, the first week of April is National Window Safety Week, established by the National Safety Council. This week intends to bring awareness to dangerous situations with windows and how to prevent them.  Windows are one of the home’s best features but pose a great hazard to young children if proper safety measures aren’t…

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Earthwise - Affordable Home Window Treatment Ideas for 2023

Affordable Home Window Treatment Ideas in 2023

Windows are something that can make or break your space. That’s why looking for affordable home window treatment ideas is essential so that you can complement your home in the best possible way. Window treatments are an affordable way to transform your space. Switching up your curtains, blinds, or window applications can completely renew your…

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Earthwise - The Best Replacement Windows for Your Home

The Best Replacement Windows for Your Home

Windows aren’t just for looks. Their functionality plays a vital role in your home, and certain types may be more suitable than others. Each window type offers something different, so what is best for your home depends on your preferences. There are lots to choose from, so we’ll break down a few of the most…

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Best Time of Year to Replace Windows

Is there a right time to get home windows replaced? As the top vinyl window manufacturer in the United States, we get asked this question often.  So, what is the best time of year to replace windows? The best time to replace windows is during mild weather conditions when the temperature is neither too hot…

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Considering Bay Windows? 3 Reasons Why They Are Worth It

Whether you’re looking to include a unique feature in your new construction project or considering home renovations, bay windows are a fantastic addition to any home.  Bay window configurations are usually made up of one central window with two side windows joined together at an angle. Their construction makes them a unique window arrangement, because…

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Guide to Commonn Window Types

Guide to 9 Common Window Types for Your Home

Windows are an essential part of any home, allowing natural light to enter and offering views of the outdoors. With so many choices, you might be wondering which type is best for your home. Each window type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Numerous types are available on the market today, and some work better…

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Window Information for Homeowners

Window Information for Homeowners: 8 Questions to Ask

When shopping for windows, you need all types of window information for homeowners to help with decision-making. Some common questions often come to mind: “Will these windows match my décor?” “Are the windows easy to clean?” Ultimately, the window manufacturer you choose should be able to answer these questions. However, there are more important questions to…

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Earthwise Windows gains new member in Connecticut

Earthwise Group Gains New Member in Connecticut

The Earthwise Group Expands Its Network, Gains New Member in Connecticut LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OHIO February 8, 2023 – The Earthwise Group, a national manufacturing network that produces energy-efficient vinyl windows and doors, has accepted a new member in East Windsor, Connecticut. The newest addition to the group, Mercury Excelum, is a fourth-generation family business that…

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Earthwise Windows - What are Impact Resistant Windows?

What Is An Impact Resistant Window?

As a manufacturer of impact-resistant windows and doors, we see much misinformation in the marketplace on how impact products are designed to function. It’s really not that complicated, and we believe you should know the facts before you purchase an impact-resistant window or door for your home. Impact-resistant windows, also known as impact windows, are…

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