Earthwise Group Provides Custom Windows Solution for Renovation Project

Earthwise Group Provides Custom Windows Solution for Renovation Project

School Renovation Project Used 460 Earthwise Revolution™ Tilt & Turn Windows

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OHIO, October 8, 2013 – The Earthwise Group, LLC, a national network of locally owned, independent manufacturers of windows and doors, recently completed a month-long window replacement project to renovate an old elementary school that now houses the Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School in Buffalo, NY. Apple Education Services, which owns the charter school, selected Earthwise Revolution™ Tilt & Turn windows for the renovation. The selection of Earthwise Revolution products provided the school with a high quality, energy-efficient window solution. During the renovation project, 460 separate window units were installed throughout the building.

“When students started school this fall, they returned to a building that was not only updated but also much more energy efficient,” said Mark Davis, executive director of the Earthwise Group. “Earthwise Revolution Tilt & Turn windows combine form and function to offer aesthetic appeal, superior thermal performance, and enhanced ventilation capabilities.”

Revolution Tilt & Turn Windows feature a seven-chamber thermal structure and multifunctional operability in a window that has the capability of achieving an R-value of 7+ and a C-100 rating. Revolution tilts in and locks for secure, indirect ventilation. It has minimal frame and sash sightlines and features maximum daylight area to take full advantage of today’s high performance glass technologies.

The Earthwise windows were designed to provide the building with a refreshed look while still blending well with the existing aesthetics. The windows also offered the school a more cost-effective solution than similar aluminum window options currently on the market.

Earthwise Windows & Doors meet the highest energy standards in the industry, including those set by ENERGY STAR, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and The American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA).

The organization’s windows and doors also carry the Made in USA Certified® seal. Earthwise manufacturing facilities cover the majority of the eastern half of the United States, and continue to grow

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About The Earthwise Group
The Earthwise Group is a national network of locally owned, independent manufacturers who make high quality windows and doors. The group consists of fabricators that maintain operations across the eastern half of the United States. For more information, please visit

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