Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season with These Windows

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If you’ve done your research on home windows, you’ll see there are many terms thrown around, like “impact-resistant,” “storm windows,” or “hurricane-rated impact-resistant windows.” To some, these all mean the same thing. But really, their meaning gets misconstrued depending on the manufacturer or online source. 


To clarify these different terms, we will discuss hurricane-rated impact windows: how they’re made, what they do, and how they can help protect your home in areas with intense storms. 

What are hurricane-rated impact-resistant windows?

This specific impact-resistant window is designed to withstand heavy force caused by high winds and projectiles. Hurricane-rated windows are made with an interior glass pane constructed with a flexible, high-strength laminate sheet that is “sandwiched” between two pieces of glass. The laminate acts as a barrier, preventing windborne objects from flying into the home. 


We’re going to make one thing clear: just because windows are rated for hurricanes doesn’t mean they won’t break, and any window company that tells you otherwise is not telling the truth. Objects moving at high speeds hitting the center of glass will probably break it.


But the difference between hurricane-rated impact windows is not if they break, but how


Rather than shattering into many sharp and jagged pieces, when these windows break, they break into smaller, round, pebble-like pieces. And, because they are stuck to the laminated sheet, the glass won’t fall out of the frame (depending on the extent of the damage). 


Like automotive windows, these hurricane-rated impact windows are made with a clear, flexible, ultra-high strength laminate sheet heated and pressed between two pieces of glass. This produces a strong impact product.

Defining “Impact-resistant”

All Earthwise windows are impact-resistant - meaning that they are less susceptible to breaking. With dual-welded frames and an advanced vinyl blend, our windows are more durable than your average vinyl window. However, impact resistance in the context we’re discussing isn’t a general property of our windows, and it refers explicitly to hurricane-rated windows and how they’re made differently. 

Are impact-resistant windows needed everywhere?

Hurricane-rated impact windows are typically required in areas along the Gulf Coast or southern coastal areas such as Texas, Florida, Georgia, and more. Because Earthwise windows are made by regional manufacturers in different parts of the country, we have dealers who make hurricane-rated windows for these regions

Keep Your Home More Safe

Having the option for hurricane-rated windows in areas where these storms are expected can make a significant difference. For one, they can help prevent injuries and damage to your home. Hurricanes and heavy storms can be devastating, but knowing that their effects can be mitigated with windows designed to keep your home safe can provide you peace of mind. 


You can read our other article here for more information on the science and make-up of impact-resistant windows.

If you’re looking for a reliable window manufacturer for hurricane-rated windows, contact to an Earthwise specialist today.

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