Earthwise Group Pushes Westward

Earthwise Windows moves westward

The Earthwise Group, LLC is the nation’s largest alliance of independent window and door manufacturers. The alliance began in 2004 as a small group of manufacturers serving the East, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. The group has achieved remarkable expansion through the organic growth of its original Members and the addition of new Members in strategic locations across the United States.

Today, Earthwise Windows has distribution in 46 states and manufactures over 1 million windows and doors annually.

Executive Director, Mark Davis, recently announced the addition of two new Members to the group. According to Mr. Davis, “We are proud to welcome new manufacturers to our family, both of whom will manufacture and distribute Earthwise products in Southwestern markets where we previously had no distribution. ” Mr. Davis continues, “Our regional manufacturing philosophy allows us to manufacture energy-efficient products in configurations specifically designed for the local climates in which they will be installed. Nobody else can do that.

In late 2016, Earthwise Windows of Los Angeles, California joined the alliance. This family-owned business, known locally as Dasan Windows and Doors, was founded in 1995 as a glass distributor. In 2007 they began manufacturing windows and doors in a separate facility. They are currently supplying Earthwise products to dealers and contractors in Southern California.

The most recent Member to join the group is Earthwise Windows of Phoenix, Arizona. This new company, known locally as Energy Shield Windows and Doors, was founded by two experts in the fenestration industry. The owners purchased a production facility and are currently retooling to manufacture Earthwise products for the Phoenix market.

The Earthwise Group has earned numerous third-party certifications. They were the first window manufacturer to be “Made in USA-Certified.” The Earthwise Group is also an ENERGY STAR® Manufacturing Partner.

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