What is Window Film? Your Comprehensive Guide

Man applying solar window film

As window treatment trends come and go, there’s one that continues to rise in popularity: window film. 

Window film serves many purposes. It can reduce brightness and glare, create privacy or act as decoration, and provide security from outside forces.

The purpose of your home window film depends on the kind you get. In this guide, we’ll review the three main types of window film and what they can do for your home. 

How Window Film Works

Window film is a thin but fortified sheet of polyester treated and applied to windows. A water-activated adhesive side of the film is applied to home windows and cures over time. When done correctly, window film is 100% removable and replaceable and will not leave any damage to your windows once taken off. 

There are three main types of window film: solar film, decorative film, and security film, each with a different purpose. 

Reduce Heat and Glare with Solar Window Film

Are you tired of bright glares shining on your television or computer screen? Do you feel like your room retains too much heat during summer? Solar window film is just the right fix for you. 

Energy-efficient windows are great at their job. They provide insulation and keep air from escaping or coming in, so your home can stay at whatever temperature you set it. 

However, wherever there is light, there is heat. Even with the best energy-efficient windows, letting light in lets the heat in. Luckily, solar window film helps with that. 

The tint on solar window film reduces the light, helping you reduce glare, brightness, and, ultimately, heat. 

Create a New Look with Decorative Window Film

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home’s look, decorative window film is a unique way to add an aesthetic flare. 

The great thing about decorative window film is its versatility. With endless patterns and finishes, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your style. 

Besides just looking pretty, decorative film can also be highly functional. The most popular type of decorative film is the frosted type, which provides privacy while allowing light in. This is perfect if you want to reduce the visibility inside your home without using other light-reducing methods, such as blinds or curtains. 

All-in-all, the possibilities are endless with decorative window film.

Feel Safer with Security Window Film

Security window film is one of the best investments you can make for your home safety. Available in clear or tinted, this film is designed to keep glass intact and in-frame when shattered. 

Security window film provides a degree of protection when glass is shattered. Whether it's a home intruder or harsh weather conditions, this film gives you more time to react without compromising your home. In business and retail locations, security window film has been able to stop intruders and thieves from entering, and it can provide the same benefits for your home. 

The Benefits of Window Film

No matter what window film you may choose for your home, you’re bound to reap the benefits. Each window film type, whether solar, decorative, or security, provides some advantages. 

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